Today there has never been a greater need for risk governance and accountability for asset management.

As many institutions and asset managers know, there are considerable challenges in identifying, measuring, monitoring and assessing risk. The ability to fully understand risk and risk management is a complex challenge.

The need for improved best practices has never more been in demand by investors and regulators than is seen today.

Those with experience through multiple economic cycles and with experience managing significant and varied crises are in demand.

Armilla Partners, LLC is a leading strategy and risk advisor capable of meeting these demands.

Our combination of personal skills, business acumen, and risk management is what makes our firm a leader in our field.

Armilla strives to deliver this to all of our clients.

“Armilla Partners is the provider of Risk Intelligence”

  • Our team thinks “stochastically” – we try to assess multiple potential outcomes.
  • Our team can communicate with a non-technical to highly technical audience base on complex subject matter.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to teach, without lecturing.

  • We are able to keep risk “at the board level” of discussion or at granular detail.
  • We understand both the upside and downside of risk-taking.
  • We try to take the “long view,” thinking through problems from different and sometimes conflicting viewpoints.

  • Practical, hands-on experience managing the types and complexity of risk that investors face.
  • We understand how risk is related to integrity, ethics, and the operational success of the organization.
  • We understand the influence of incentive and compensation design on risk taking.
  • We have deep financial engineering roots.
  • Our team are leaders in risk terminology, the tools of risk management, and the ability to assess their proper application.
  • We have the right experience with boards and/or executive Risk Committee functions.
  • We know that risks can be amplified, as well as attenuated.

We have acquired the attributes highlighted above through the following experiences, roles, and multiple experiences.

  • At the core of Armilla are Chief Risk Officer’s and Chief Investment Officer’s supported by a technically gifted team.
  • All of our senior staff have served on institutional risk and investment committees.
  • We have defined the “risk appetite” at numerous organizations.